Tom Patrick

web applications

I have designed two major SaaS (Software as a Service) applications in addition to a dozen, unique smaller applications for various businesses. I subcontract the back-end PHP development, and keep myself up-to-date with the latest technologies in coding. - a SaaS application for UK-based florists
» Completely bespoke, designed from the ground up without frameworks
» Interface UI/UX design
» Over 40,000 orders taken
» Ranked #3 on Google for "websites for florists"
» Grown completely organic through referrals
» 100's of features, updated monthly - a SaaS application for UK-based Restaurants
» Designed fully bespoke, including UI/UX design
» Responsive back-end, allowing restaurants to manage their restaurant on their phone
» Thousands of enquiries generated
» Responsive front-end, with a website theme editor
» Fully automated - allows creation of sites through sign-up
» 100's of features, updated monthly